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'A healthy and hungry Novak Djokovic can win many more majors,' says analyst

Novak Djokovic roar Australian Open

Novak Djokovic 'should' be able to win many more majors over the next few years says Patrick McEnroe, as long as he says healthy and hungry. 

Djokovic currently has 18 Grand Slam titles, after winning the only Major so far this year, the Australian Open, and is two away from the record of 20 titles, which is jointly held by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Debate has roared on for years about which of the three players will come out on top of the Grand Slam race, particularly with Nadal still dominating on clay and obvious favourite to claim his 14th Roland Garros title and 21st Grand Slam title this year.

Meanwhile Federer seems to be struggling to return to full fitness after a long break due to injury, although he's made no secret of the fact that a 9th Wiimbledon title is firmly in his sights.

Djokovic, at 33-years-old, is the youngest of the Big three, with Nadal a year older at 34 and Federer at 39, and McEnroe believes that the world number one has time to win a lot more majors.

“If Djokovic can stay healthy and hungry – which it appears likely – he should be able to win one to two majors a year for the next two or three years,” McEnroe told

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McEnroe, a successful former singles and doubles player who is now an analyst says Djokovic is willing to pay the physical price of winning unlike his recent Australian Open final opponent Daniil Medvedev.

“He (Medvedev) had no game plan I could see. And he never signaled that he was willing to pay whatever physical price was required to win, which is what you have to do with Djokovic.

“It always comes down to the most minor of details, but that’s what it will take to beat these guys at big tournaments – the full package. Not only are the top three guys physically better, but their racket skills are better.”

All of the Big Three are confirmed to play at the next Grand Slam at Roland Garros, starting May 30.

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