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Alexander Zverev admits he is 'not happy' with career and vows to make changes

Alexander Zverev unhappy with where career is at

Alexander Zverev says he is 'not happy' with where his career is currently at and has vowed to devote himself to tennis to change it.

Right from the start of his carer, Zverev was hailed as the next big star of men's tennis, but he has not really delivered on that.

Although the German has certainly made his mark by becoming a fixture in the top five, reaching a Grand Slam final, and winning 19 titles, he has not developed into the force that was once predicted.

In theory, Zverev is now at the peak of his powers at 25-years-old, but he appears no nearer making a genuine breakthrough among the elite of the ATP Tour.

That, he says, is something he is determined to change after a realisation that time is not necessarily still on his side.

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“A tennis player’s career is limited in time," Alexander Zverev told Eurosport. "When you’re young you think: ‘Oh, I still have enough time, I’m more of a hunter than a hunted man. That has changed.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, on the tennis court but also off it. But there are always reasons why mistakes happen.

"Everything in life happens for a reason. The most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes.”

“I need to devote my entire concentration to tennis. I’m not happy with the status I currently have as a tennis player. But I’m where I am.”

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