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'My opinion has not changed' - Alexander Zverev still adamantly against new Davis Cup format

Alexander Zverev frustrated

Alexander Zverev says his opinion of the new format for the Davis Cup has not changed, and he still wants it to revert to the way it was. 

The Davis Cup underwent a big change in 2019, moving from a home-and-away cup-tie multi-legged format to a reduced 'finals' style week to be held in November at a fixed venue.

That meant it lost what many people considered uniquely brilliant about the event, the fervent partisan atmosphere created by the fans during the ties.

Zverev was an immediate detractor of the change, both in terms of the format and the scheduling, and he opted to go on a post-season exhibition tour with Roger Federer rather than play it in 2019.

And, despite more time to allow it to sink in, he insists his views remain the same.

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"My opinion has not changed," he told the press ahead of the Munich Open. "I played the ATP Cup, it's the same for me.

"I hope that they return to the old system. Before you had more emotions, involvement, passion.

"This new formula is ultimately just one more tournament, and in fact nothing more than the ATP Cup.

"It would be better to make a big thing of it every two or four years like (the World Cup) in football."

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