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'I am ready for this step' - Alexander Zverev believes he can win French Open

Alexander Zverev serve action clay

Alexander Zverev believes he has a good chance of winning the French Open this year after declaring himself happy with his recent form.

The German has been around the top of the world rankings for years now, although he is still waiting for his first major title.

However, it looks like it will only be a matter of time before he's able to achieve that, and he certainly isn't heading to Roland Garros bereft of confidence.

“I think that I have chances this year,” Zverev told the Sportschau Olympia podcast.

“I feel okay, I feel fit. I’m ready for this step. The tournament in Madrid gave me a lot of confidence.

Zverev was able to score a victory over Rafael Nadal, and that has understandably boosted his believe heading to Roland Garros.

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“Of course, I’ve been playing well lately," he said. "If we meet again in Paris, it will also be a very interesting game.”

Zverev came to within a whisker of winning a Grand Slam at the US Open last year, but he thinks in the long run that defeat may have ultimately helped him.

“I want it even more now," Zverev said.

“I think I’ve been a better tennis player since then. I sat down and thought I had to improve things, do things differently.”

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