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Alexander Zverev takes another swipe at ATP over rankings, saying: 'The system is a disaster'

Alexander Zverev frustrated

Alexander Zverev has taken another swipe at the ATP over the rankings system, describing it as 'a disaster.'

The German has been consistently upset about the temporary system the ATP have put in place that protects points won before the coronavirus pandemic.

That has enabled Roger Federer to retain a top six ranking, above Zverev, despite only playing two matches in 14 months.

Under the usual system, Zverev would be one spot higher in the rankings, as he would be above Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas, but Andrey Rublev would have leapfrogged him.

He, though, remains extremely frustrated with his inability to climb.

"I played a Grand Slam final, a Masters 1000 final," Zverev told the press in Miami. "The system is just a disaster."

"I know what I would change, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m not the one deciding.

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"The ATP or whoever is in charge, I don’t think they really completely care about my opinion, to be honest.

"No offense to anyone, but I think there’s other players that they might listen to more, they might listen to their opinions more because they are just greater champions and they deserve to be listened to more."

Zverev then put the same question to the press in Miami, asking them what they thought of the rankings system.

"I could ask you guys this back. Do you think I should be seven in the world with how I recently played?

"You think I should have not moved one spot up maybe? Maybe one spot, two spots, three spots?

"There should be some movement otherwise the rankings are just the same kind of. It’s very difficult to surpass someone."

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