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'I'll be keeping my fingers and my toes crossed for Andy Murray to play Wimbledon' says Henman

Andy Murray Wimbledon

Tim Henman has been speaking about the potential return of two-time Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray to the All England Club this year, and says he is keeping everything crossed it happens.

Murray made a surprise return to tennis in 2019 following extensive hip surgery which many thought would see an end to his career.

After an initial triumphant return, winning the doubles title at The Queen's Championships, and a singles title at the European Open in Antwerp, the comeback was put on hold with a disrupted 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Murray was hoping to make a Grand Slam return at the 2021 Australian Open but unexpectedly tested positive for COVID-19 just days before his departure thwarting his plans yet again.

Instead he played in France at the ATP Challenger event Biella, reaching the final, before crashing out in the first round of the Montpellier event this week.

Now former player Henman, who is on the organising committee for Wimbledon, says he's not sure how Murray will cope with the best of five-set demands of a Grand Slam but hopes the British hero can make a return in front of a home-crowd.

"I watched some of Andy's matches last week and spoke to Jamie Delgado and its great that he played 5 matches in 6 days," Eurosport expert Henman said of Murray's Biella performance.

"It also speaks volumes about his hunger and desire, it can't be easy when you've got the Australian Open going on in the background and you're at a lower level, smaller even on the challenger tour.

"The more I'm seeing him compete, his movement is going in the right direction. The more he can play matches, and his body can recover, the more opportunity he's got of stepping up to the next level.

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"When I look back to the tournament he won in Antwerp at the end of 2019, his movement is much better now than it was then.

"So if he can win that tournament when he wasn't moving so well, then can he back to win again on the main tour, I think he can.

"I think the Slams with best of 5 sets and the recovery, I don't know the possibilities, I don't think he knows the possibilities but he wants to give himself the opportunity to challenge himself.

"I'd like to see consistency in competitions, be out there competing, playing matches, seeing his body recover. His tennis skills, his tennis IQ is always going to be there, its the physical challenge which is the unknown.

When asked if he'd like Murray to play at Wimbledon this year, Henman added: "When you look at the slams, you always want the best players there.

"Whether that's Andy or Roger Federer or Serena Williams, you want the best players there.

"It's still the middle of February, there's a lot of things on and off the court to happen before there, but I'll be keeping my fingers and my toes crossed."

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