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'Toxic conversations drain all our energy, time and money,' says ATP chief Andrea Gaudenzi

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Andrea Gaudenzi says his new strategic plan for the ATP is designed to end the 'toxic conversations' that he says has engulfed the organisation. 

The ATP are currently in political turmoil, with the Novak Djokovic-led PTPA giving players who are unhappy an alternative voice.

Gaudenzi, though, who took over from Chris Kermode as ATP chief last year, believes too much 'time, energy, and money' is being wasted by arguments at the moment.

“It’s about unity,” says ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi explained to SportsPro about its new strategic plan.

“It’s about, first of all, finding a way where players and tournaments can actually work together and grow in the same direction, instead of spending 90 per cent of the time in toxic conversations, which ultimately drains all the energy, time and money.

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"If you have to discuss the prize money formula every two years, it’s very difficult to actually look up and think long-term about how we fix our issues and how we improve.

“That’s the first thing. The second is trying to convince everyone to shift the focus towards the fans, who ultimately are who we all serve.

"They are the ones who are buying the tickets, watching the matches on TV, reading the media, and they are the target audience for our sponsors.

"So instead of having this tournament or player-centric approach, I think we need to shift our focus to our fans and try to deliver a better and richer experience by working united."

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