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Andrey Rublev joins criticism of ATP rankings system: 'I should be number four in the world...'

Andrey Rublev Rotterdam backhand

Andrey Rublev has joined Alexander Zverev in criticising the current ATP rankings rules, saying they are unfairly holding him back.

Rublev has been in sensational form since the tour resumed after an enforced Covid break last year.

However, despite winning more than his fair share of tournaments, he has been largely rooted in his position as world number eight, with even Roger Federer still above him despite the Swiss ace only playing two matches in 400 days.

That is mainly due to the decision to protect points won before the pandemic so players are not essentially forced to play when they are not comfortable.

Rublev, though, says it is incredibly frustrating from his point of view.

"If we would have the normal system, I would be like number four in the world I think," Rublev said.

"So what do you think is better for me, to be number eight or number four?

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"With the system that we're having now, for me, it's much tougher to be number four, so here is the answer."

Rublev's comments follow those of Alexander Zverev over the weekend, with the German calling the current ATP rankings rules 'absurd.'

“I am Roger Federer’s biggest fan, but he hasn’t played in a year and is above me in the rankings,” Zverev told the press in Acapulco.

“I played a Grand Slam final, a Masters final; won two tournaments; right now the system is a mess.

“The ranking doesn’t really matter to me and with the system we have now … I mean, I should be in the top five, top four in the world in the normal system, but the system we have now is a bit absurd.”

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