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Andrey Rublev: “I’m afraid that maybe I’m not good enough and am just lucky'

Andrey Rublev head in hands

Andrey Rublev says he still harbours fears that his recent ATP Tour breakthrough is more down to good luck than good tennis. 

The Russian ace is currently ranked at world number eight, but he would be as high as number three if not for the emergency rules in place to protect players during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite that remarkable rise, Rublev has opened up on his struggles to feel like he belongs among the tennis elite, and how he is using it as a motivation to push himself even harder.

“I want to be better and better," Rublev told reporters in Miami on Tuesday.

"It’s not about what I’m doing now or what I did. It’s about that I want to keep doing this for a long term. I want to keep being better.

“I’m afraid that I’m just maybe lucky, that maybe I’m not good enough.

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So that’s why I want to keep working to be able to see if I can keep playing the same way, on the same level for a while."

“It’s this kind of fear that it’s not enough. Fear that I’m not going to make it or fear that I’m not going to be good enough for a while.

"In the end, this fear helped me to improve, and that’s why I want to improve and improve.

"Also maybe because if I do one mistake, I want to repeat to make it perfect. I need to have everything perfect.

"This is a bit of a sick mentality, but in the end, for the moment, it [has] helped me.”

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