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'I will improve against big three,' vows Andrey Rublev after Rafael Nadal humbling

Andrey Rublev head in hands

Andrey Rublev has vowed to improve against the top players after admitting his scheduling means he lacks the experience of playing them.

No man has won more titles than Rublev this season, although all five have come at ATP500 level or lower.

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, by comparison, play far fewer tournaments at that level than Rublev at this stage of his career.

And, after being on the receiving end of a humbling by Nadal at the ATP Finals on Sunday, Rublev admits a lack of experience cost him dear.

“I don't really play with top players, so all the other players, they play much more with [the] top players, and me… it's [only] my second time against Rafa,” Rublev said.

“I only played three times against [the] top three players [Nadal, Djokovic and Federer].

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"I don't really have much experience, so [the] more I will play against them, [the] better I think I will perform every time.

“Here I came fresh. I rested a couple of days. Then I practised just [a] few days.

"It's more about experience. Rafa is one of the top players, so he wins a Grand Slam, he wins one [ATP] Masters [1000], and he basically doesn't need to play [as] many tournaments [as me].

"In my case it's different. I need to fight for my spot, so I needed to play those weeks.”

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