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'I'll go as soon as I can' - Andy Murray urges clarity on Australian Open plans

Andy Murray at Roland Garros

Andy Murray has urged Tennis Australia to give some clarity on the plans for the Australian Open next month as soon as possible. 

Understandably, the coronavirus crisis has made a usually very simple issue one of great complexity.

Murray originally planned to be heading to Australia within the next two weeks to step up his preparation for the new season, but players are not permitted to arrive before January 1 this time.

Then there will also be a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days to factor into the plans, leading Murray to believe - as tournament organisers apparently do too - that a small delay is the only real option.

“It’s obviously tricky for the players," Murray said of the continuing uncertainty over the Australian Open plans.

"Originally, we planned to go on the 12th or the 13th of December to arrive around the 15th.

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"Then that changed and the kind of latest I’ve heard is that they’ve planned to push it back a couple of weeks, not right up until Indian Wells/Miami time, which is what I think has been suggested by some people.

“They’re two huge tournaments in March. I think that would be the best-case scenario now if they [put] it back a couple of weeks.

"That would allow the players to get over there at the beginning of January and prepare properly for the event.

"I’ll go as soon as I can.”

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