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Andy Murray backed by Rafael Nadal in fitness fight: 'He has the passion'

Andy Murray serve US Open

Rafael Nadal believes Andy Murray has the 'passion' to overcome his injury problems and get back to something like his previous level. 

Murray is still trying to work his way back from the serious hip injury that befell him when he was the world number one in 2017.

His attempts to return to an elite level of singles competition with an resurfaced hip is completely unprecedented, and Nadal thinks he has it in him.

“I haven’t spoken much to him lately, and I know he is fighting hard to come back to the top of his level.

"It is never easy after such serious surgery, but the fact that he is fighting and coming back shows his love for the game and his passion for our sport.”

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Murray himself recently admitted that he was ready to step up his work-rate in an attempt to give himself the best possible chance to get his career back on track.

“I may never get back to being No 1 in the world, but I want to do everything that I did when I was No 1 in the world to give myself the best chance to see what I can achieve," Murray said.

“There has definitely been times over the last few years where I lost that [drive and motivation], because of the injuries and stuff like that.

“And I hadn’t been working as hard as what I needed to. I think as you get older obviously there are certain things you can do differently, but you almost need to work harder to stay in shape, spend more time with your physio and afterwards to feel good."

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