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'Andy Murray being driven by lure of Wimbledon,' says former British number one

Andy Murray Wimbledon

Greg Rusedski believes the dream of playing in front of a Wimbledon crowd again is what is keeping Andy Murray in the fight to regain his fitness. 

Murray has really looked to have been struggling to come to terms with his newly resurfaced hip this year, and he looked well short of the required standard at Roland Garros and Cologne recently.

However, he has vowed to keep on fighting, and former US Open finalist Rusedski thinks he knows why.

"I think he’d love to get to Wimbledon," Rusedski told Metro. "Wimbledon 2021 has got to be his goal, Olympics as well possibly. I think he wants to play in front of a British crowd again.

"As long as Andy wants to keep playing then why not? But wouldn’t it be great to see him back at Wimbledon this summer and a crowd there cheering him on.

"I think that’s his main driver at the minute and he’s enjoying it. But if you’re not healthy it’s very difficult to enjoy it, especially the competitor he is.

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"He must be working so hard just to get on court every single week, every single day. You’ve got to commend that.

"But at the same time it’s got to be frustrating. Because, you know, he’s probably putting in more work now.

"When you get older the workload doesn’t reduce, it gets more unfortunately. You’ve got to do more recovery, you’ve got to do more preparation, more physical work.

"So from a personal point of view I’d love to see him at Wimbledon this year but it’s his choice what he wants to do with it and how long he wants to play."

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