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Andy Murray says early Wimbledon exit 'changes nothing' about his plans to return to top

A brilliantly defiant Andy Murray says early Wimbledon exit 'has not changed his opinion' on what is a still able to achieve in tennis.
Andy Murray in action at Wimbledon

Andy Murray has dismissed suggestions that he may reconsider his future in tennis after losing in the second round of Wimbledon.

Murray had high hopes for the grass season, although he was given a tough draw and a brilliant serving display from John Isner saw him make an early exit.

He still expects, and hopes, to be back at Wimbledon next summer, though, but he has also learned to be wary of making promises his body can't keep.

Asked if he will give Wimbledon another go in 2023, Murray said: “It depends on how I am physically. If physically I feel good, then we’ll try to keep playing.

“But it’s extremely difficult with the problems I’ve had with my body in the last few years to make long-term predictions about how I’m going to be even in a few weeks’ time, never mind in a year’s time.

“If physically I’m in a good place, yeah, I will continue to play. But it’s not easy to keep my body in optimal condition to compete at the highest level.”

On the match itself, which he lost in four sets, Andy Murray said he simply felt his serve was not quite good enough to get a foothold in the contest.

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He was unable to practice his serve for more than a week due to the injury he picked up in Stuttgart, and that probably played a part.

He, though, says that ultimately the defeat changes nothing about where he is at and what he feels he can do.

“Has my opinion changed based on tonight’s match? No,” he said.

“I think most of the players on the tour would tell you that a match like that was won or lost based on a few points here and there. I didn’t play well enough on those points tonight.

“I certainly didn’t serve well enough at the beginning of the match, which I think is understandable. Look, he’s a difficult opponent to play against.

“Tonight’s match, I don’t see why it should change that view really.”

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