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Andy Murray says he would be 'happy' to help Emma Raducanu if asked

Andy Murray says he would be happy to give Emma Raducanu advice on how to cope with the Wimbledon pressure - but he's not sure how useful it would be to her.
Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu

Andy Murray says he would be happy to give Emma Raducanu advice on how to cope with the Wimbledon pressure, but she hasn't asked him and he's not sure how useful it would be anyway.

Murray has carried the burden of the British hopes at Wimbledon for a decade and a half now, but this year there is probably more expectation on Raducanu to provide a homegrown winner.

That will undoubtedly come with challenges for her, as Murray understands better than most, but he says how he deals with pressure is not necessarily transferable to anyone else.

"I mean, I haven't given advice to Emma or any of the British players on how to deal with that side of things," Murray said.

"No one has asked me to. I'd be more than happy to, but I'm also not going to call up one of the players and just say, 'Hey, this is how you should deal with it because that's the right way to go.'

"Everyone is different. Everyone feels things in a different way, will handle it differently. I certainly didn't handle things perfectly during the Wimbledon period, but I can also understand probably the different emotions and stresses that you can feel coming into this tournament.

"It is great and it is amazing, but there is challenges that come with it. Yeah, it's difficult."

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Since being struck by his hip injury, Andy Murray has not really been seen by others as a realistic Wimbledon winner, and he says that has definitely lessened the pressure.

He admits, though, that at the height of Murray-mania at the All-England club the expectation was 'intense.'

"I don't know how much it has changed over the years. I mean, maybe for me right at the beginning of your career, there's not really much expected of you, then quite quickly, the better you do, the higher your ranking is, then a lot is expected of you. There is a lot of

"Then maybe like this year and last year, for me anyway, there's been very little from the outside. Obviously still put pressure on myself to perform well and do well.

"That's how it's been for me throughout my career. But certainly in the middle part of it, it was pretty intense."

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