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Andy Murray has given himself a glowing fitness report after his US Open win over Emilio Nava.

The former world number one lost the opening set but roared back to dominate the rest of the match, eventually winning 5-7, 6-3, 6-1, 6-0 to set up a third-round tussle with Matteo Berrettini.

Even more positive than the result, though, was the fact Murray was feeling physically strong, even towards the end of the match, and that has left him to dare to believe he may finally have worked past his well-documented injury struggles.

“My body is responding well to playing matches,” Murray said. “It wasn't the longest match in the first round, but I pulled up pretty well from that one.

“Then obviously today I think physically I was stronger than him at the end of the match, which is a really positive thing, obviously. My game improved as the match went on.

“Yeah, my movement around the court is good right now. I feel like it's not that easy for guys to hit winners past me and I'm defending in the corners much better than I was 12 months ago here.

Andy Murray

“I'm not having to worry about, you know, the next day waking up with something that is going to really impact me or hamper my tennis.

“When I played the match with Nishioka a few years ago here, I didn't recover from that match. It took me months. My groin and lower back flared up badly, and it took a really long time to get on top of that and get better.

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“I don't have any of those worries or concerns now, because my body, which I spoke about a lot at the beginning of this year, was like - obviously I wish I won more matches this year. But being able to compete consistently, you know, barring the little sort of setback in the final in Stuttgart, has been good.”

Despite the win and the optimism over his conditioning right now, it’s clear that Andy Murray will have to face the retirement question within the next few years.

He, though, says he is not even thinking about that right now.

“I think there is lots of things that go into that decision, and, you know, some of it is obviously my body,” he said. “Some of it will be, you know, my family, motivation, you know, how well I'm playing, like, you know, as well there is - I don't think there is one thing that will go into that.

“You know, at times this year I have, you know, not felt amazing in terms of where my game has been at; other times I have, you know, shown myself that I can still compete with the best players.

“Yeah, I don't know when that time will come, and I'm not setting a date or a time frame on that. I will make the decision when I'm ready.”

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