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Andy Murray: 'I’ll keep going until I can’t any more, because tennis is what I love'

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Andy Murray says his expectations of himself are still high, and he still believes he has a shot to win Wimbledon and return to the top of the rankings.

Murray has not played regularly on the ATP Tour for four years now after injuring his hip whilst world number one.

The path back to fitness has been a long one, and one that saw him all but announce his retirement at the 2019 Australian Open before undergoing resurfacing surgery and finishing the year with a singles title.

After skipping the French Open, his attention has now turned to Wimbledon, and he is certainly not there to just make up the numbers.

“To my knowledge, none of the players played on grass last year, because of the pandemic,” Murray told the Guardian.

“And one of the years I won Wimbledon, I pulled out of the French Open and gave myself more time to prepare on grass. I’m not saying the outcome will be the same!

“I want to win Wimbledon. And yes, I would like to be No 1 in the world."

Murray has had to get used to people saying he should be retiring, but he has urged people not to worry about him, even if he appears to be struggling.

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“At the core of it, I love tennis," Murray explained. "If you love doing something, why would you stop just because you’re not doing it as well as you once did?

"Yes, criticise my performances and tell me I’m rubbish, that’s fine. But I’ll keep going until I can’t any more, because this is what I love.

“Look, when I go and practise with the top guys, my expectations of myself are still as high as when I was 20.

“Even though, when I reflect, it’s like, ‘OK, you haven’t played many matches recently, you’ve been injured…’

"I’m aware that I should be going into those practice matches with a slightly lower expectation, but once I actually start playing, I am still impatient.

"That’s always been the case for me. I think it is important to be in a rush if you’re trying to get to the top, or get to compete at the highest level. In sport, you need to have that mindset.”

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