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'Wimbledon 2017 is one of the reasons I still think I can do well,' says Andy Murray

Andy Murray action Queens

Andy Murray says his 'horrendous' pain, and subsequent performance, at Wimbledon in 2017 helps him believe he can do well again this year.

Murray was world number one in 2017, but narrowly lost in the quarter-finals to American Sam Querrey.

That tournament proved to be a major tipping point for Murray in terms of the hip injury that has decimated his career since.

He had been playing with pain for some time, yet that was the moment it became unbearable, and he says he was in far worse condition then than he is today.

Speaking about the 2017 Wimbledon, Andy Murray told STV: “I was feeling horrendous during that tournament.

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“I was in so much pain playing there. When you speak to my team about that Wimbledon, we laugh about it today. Because I don’t know how I did that.

"I would have beaten Querrey in that match as well, but with each minute that passed, I was feeling worse.

“That was one of my better achievements – to make the quarters that year and get close to the semis. Probably one of the reasons why I still feel like I can do well.

“I’m in good shape. I was in less pain at Queen’s last week than I was in 2017. I think I moved relatively well so that’s a positive.”

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