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Andy Murray issues positive Wimbledon injury update, saying: 'I've dealt with worse'

"The plan is still to play." - Andy Murray optimistic injury won't keep him away from Wimbledon.
Andy Murray celebrates a win in Stuttgart

Andy Murray has delivered a positive injury update ahead of Wimbledon, saying his abdominal strain is 'improving.'

Murray sustained the injury at a crucial point in the final of Stuttgart nine days ago. He had just levelled the match and forced a decider, but he was visibly hampered as Matteo Berrettini went on to win the match.

It came at a frustrating time for Murray, who was starting to look a lot more like his former self after years battle a serious hip problem.

There were immediate fears about his chances of playing Wimbledon, which starts next week.

Although he admits the next couple of days will be crucial, he believes there is plenty of cause for optimism at this stage.

“The injury that I have is not a significant injury but it’s an injury that is tricky for tennis players,” Murray said.

“You need to manage them well and do everything properly and respect it. I’ve done that so far. Hopefully that will pay dividends come Monday.

“The next couple of days are pretty important for me.”

Andy Murray pulled out of Queen's to nurse the injury, but he believes he remains on target to make it to Wimbledon.

“Obviously the plan is still to play. The injury is improving. I’ve had it rescanned and it’s progressing in the right way.

"But you can probably work out from the nature of the injury which shots it is that I’ve been struggling with and haven’t been able to practise.

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“In the next few days I’ll start to increase that and test it out. Hopefully it’s recovered sufficiently.”

Murray will be referring to his serves when he mentions a shot he us unable to practice at the moment, and the concern is that it is the one shot you cannot avoid playing.

However, he remains in positive mood and believes he will be in okay shape to take his place in the Wimbledon draw.

Andy Murray - injury scare ahead of Wimbledon

“I’m feeling better than I was on the Sunday afternoon, evening,” Murray said. “Training has been going well in some aspects. With the nature of the injury, it’s not stopped me from practising.

"I’ve been able to do a lot of work on the court but there’s specific shots that I haven’t been able to practise yet. In the next couple of days we’ll start to do that.”

“Everyone that I trust and respect in terms of their opinions on my game and my movement were very happy with how that side of things was going and progressing.

“It’s frustrating to be in this position in the build-up to Wimbledon, but I’ve been in worse situations in recent years.

"The positive for me is that I’ve dealt with certainly worse issues in the last few years and handled them OK.”

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