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'I won't kick Novak while he's down' - Andy Murray pleads for quick resolution to visa saga

Andy Murray at Sydney International

Andy Murray says he has no intention of ‘kicking Novak Djokovic while he’s down’ over the Serbian’s visa issues and has urged Australian to resolve the situation quickly.

Djokovic had his visa cancelled last week before successfully appealing it in court. However, on Friday Australian minister for immigration Alex Hawke used the power of his own office to cancel it again.

The latest twist happened while Murray was on court, winning his Sydney International semi-final against Reilly Opelka to reach his first ATP final for 27 months.

Afterwards, when asked about the evolving Djokovic situation, Murray stated his belief that everyone involved need this to be over quickly now.

“It's not a good situation,” Andy Murray said. “I'm not going to sit here and start kicking Novak whilst he's down.

“I mean, I said it the other day, it's not a good situation for anyone.

“It's unfortunate that it's ended up in this sort of situation, and who knows? I don't know what the process is from now.

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“I don't know what route he goes down, if he can appeal that and how long that takes, and can he still be out practising whilst that process is going on or still competing in the tournament?'

“I just want it obviously to get resolved. I think it could be good for everyone if that was the case.

“It just seems like it's dragged on for quite a long time now and it's not great for tennis, not great for the Australian Open, not great for Novak.

“Obviously a lot of people have criticised the government here, as well. It's not been good.”

Djokovic will fight the latest cancellation of his visa in court on Sunday and will still be able to play in the Australian Open if it is successful.

However, if the decision goes against him he will be deported, probably before the tournament even begins.

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