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Andy Murray: 'The Olympics sits besides the Grand Slams for tennis'

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Andy Murray says the Olympics 'stands besides the Grand Slams' as far as tennis is concerned.

Murray has won two Olympic gold medals in the men's singles, in 2012 and again in 2016.

He has expressed an interest in trying to defend that title again in Tokyo this summer should it go ahead, and he says it is a hugely significant tournament to win for tennis players even if it's not a 'true' Olympic sport.

“Tennis is a bit different from some of the ‘true’ Olympic sports,” Andy Murray told The Gentleman’s Journal.

“Some athletes have been preparing for the event for four years. For tennis, it sits beside the Grand Slams.

“I’ve seen interviews with athletes who have been prepping for two, three, four years — dedicating a large part of their lives to getting ready.

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“And, having it pushed back and then cancelled last year, and then the uncertainty of not knowing if it will go ahead this year? It’s tough.

"It’s really hard, actually, because of the amount of work and the sacrifice they’ve made.

“For me, it’s not the same. I love playing in the Olympics and I’ve been fortunate to compete in three of them.

"But, for some other athletes, that is the focal point and highlight of their careers, so it has been really, really tough for them.”

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