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'I know I'm capable of playing that tennis' - Andy Murray picks positives from US Open exit

Andy Murray fistpump US Open

Andy Murray believes he has proven he can still play quality tennis, although he admits he was 'really disappointed' to lose to Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Murray face the world number three in the opening round of the US Open on Monday, and he looked close to his vintage best for most of the clash.

Tsitsipas, in the end, had just too much for him and was able to win the fifth and final set to advance into the second round.

However, Murray knows there are plenty of positives he can take away from the match.

“I've said it a lot over these past few months that I know I'm capable of playing that tennis," Murray said.

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"I need to spend time on the court, getting the chance to play against these guys.

“Ultimately, when I get on the court with them, I need to prove it. I guess tonight I proved some things to a certain extent. Obviously didn't win the match tonight.

“From a physical perspective, I thought I did quite well. I would have liked to have done a little bit better physically at times, but there were also other circumstances that were not helping that either.

“Overall I did well tonight, but I'm really, really disappointed... after that, frustrated, all those things. Really disappointed.”

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