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Andy Murray has speculated whether fatherhood will increase Rafael Nadal’s motivation for competing or if it will do the exact opposite and influence the Spaniard to take a step back from the Tour.

Nadal and his wife welcomed their first child over the weekend and it remains to be seen what kind of an impact the new arrival will have on Nadal’s schedule.

Nadal was the last member of the Big Four to become a father, with Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Murray himself having welcomed children many years ago.

Murray has four children so is no stranger to juggling parenthood and professional tennis.

The three-time Grand Slam champion was asked to weigh in on Nadal’s impressive season, which saw him bag two Grand Slams for a grand total of 22 and consequently extend his lead in the 'Slam Race', and whether he will be able to keep it up.

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‘’The Australian Open was an amazing event for him coming back from a long time without competing.’’ Murray said after arriving in Spain for the Gijon Open. ‘’The way he won with such tough matches along the way, he could have lost a couple of them, really.

‘’In the final he was done - two sets down, 3-2 and 0/40… And the management to give him the return was amazing.

‘’In the French Open it was not a big surprise for me with the record that he has there.

‘’I think he [Nadal] and his partner had their first kid a few days ago so it will be interesting to see whether that increases the motivation levels or whether he reduces the amount he is competing now, I don't know, but yeah, he's had an amazing year this year.’’

Nadal is set to embark on an exhibition tour with Casper Ruud in South America in mid-November, but it is still uncertain whether the Spaniard will compete in the Paris Masters and ATP Finals to round off his season.

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