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Andy Murray says he will continue playing as long as he is seeing improvement as he began his plans for next season.

Murray has had a mixed season this year, with him occasionally looking a lot more like his old self yet also struggling badly with a cramping issue he is struggling to solve.

He recently admitted he has feeling ‘downbeat’ at how his season went, but he has still sees a significant rankings rise this year, so he still has the motivation to carry on.

“For now, I’m still focused on playing tennis and winning matches,” he told Hello magazine. “I’ve been pleased with my progress this year, but there are definitely some areas to improve on.

“I’ll be doing a training block in December so we’ll be hoping to identify some of those areas and work on them, so hopefully I can get some more wins under my belt next year.”

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“[I want] to continue to improve. If I keep seeing progress I’ll continue to keep playing.”

Andy Murray decided to skip most of the clay season this year, claiming it posed too much of a risk from an injury point of view. He, though, has teased he may reassess that for 2023.

“I’ve got a pretty busy schedule planned,” he said. “I’ll be kicking off the year in Australia which I always really enjoy. I’ll be playing a tournament out there, and then the Australian Open.

“After that I’ll be doing some more hard-court tournaments, then hopefully the clay, and then back to the UK for the grass-court season.”

Playing clay season for Murray certainly does make a lot of sense. Because he skipped the tournaments this year, they could essentially offer him bonus ranking points that could help get him into the seeds for Wimbledon. 

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