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Andy Murray has given himself a telling off following his disappointing first round defeat to Gilles Simon in Paris.

Murray found himself once again blighted by cramping in the match, with it badly affecting his performance.

The issue has plagues the former world number one all season, and he says sweat testing has not revealed any answers to the question of why it is happening.

That has left him looking critically at his own training schedule and wondering if he is doing all he can with regards his fitness and conditioning.

"Having [cramps] happen after a set and a half on an indoor court where it's not particularly hot is not really acceptable," Andy Murray said.

Murray saw his career decimated by a hip injury a few years ago, and he only made it back following resurfacing surgery.

He does not believe the cramping is anything to do with that injury, although he thinks the restrictions it puts on his practice is something worth considering as he searches for solutions.

"It's nothing to do with my hip," he said. "I just think the reality is I need to work harder. Obviously, there's certain things I can and can't do nowadays, I need to be a bit more careful with some of the training that I do.

"But I can certainly do more than what I have done and push myself harder than what I have done recently. What I'm trying to do is extremely hard. I need to do exceptional things to still compete."

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