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Andy Murray setting sights on US Open seeds after early Wimbledon exit

Andy Murray has had enough of being handed tough early opponents at Grand Slams, and he has vowed to do something about it before the US Open.
Andy Murray press conference at Wimbledon

Andy Murray says he will set his sights on earning a US Open seed after suffering a second round exit at Wimbledon.

Murray has done brilliantly to work his way back up the rankings after best part of three years out of the game with a serious hip injury.

However, he is still not quite high enough to be seeded in majors, and that is something that remains a frustration to him and one he is determined to rectify.

"I was coming into Wimbledon feeling like I could have a deep run," Murray said.

"If you're playing against top guys right at the beginning of the event, obviously makes it a little bit more challenging.

"That's kind of what my goals are between now and the US Open."

"I really want to try and improve my ranking to a level where I'm getting seeded in slams," he said. "That was a goal of mine sort of post-Miami.

"I've spoken to my team a lot about that, and that's something that I want to try and put my position -- put myself in a position hopefully come the US Open. If not the US Open, then going into the Australian Open next year where I'm seeded again.

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"That means obviously I'll need to be out there competing and winning matches because it does make, like I said, things trickier.

Things did not go as well as Andy Murray had hoped at Wimbledon, with it actually being his earliest ever exit from the competition.

However, he says he is less angry about it that he was after his first round defeat to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the 2021 US Open.

"I was pretty angry after the US Open last year," he explained. "I was pretty angry after that match. Probably more so than I am just now.

"I feel disappointed right now. Obviously I wanted to do well here. I love playing at Wimbledon, a surface that I feel like I can still compete with the best guys on.

"It definitely, definitely hurts. But, yeah, US Open last year was certainly on a par with this if not worse."

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