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'Andy Murray should retire when he wants to - no one should be telling him,' says legend

"If you have won Grand Slams, you have earned the right to take wildcards."
Andy Murray serve US Open

Chris Evert says Andy Murray 'should retire when he wants to retire' as she came out against her Eurosport colleague Mats Wilander.

Wilander caused a stir last week when he suggested Murray should re-examine his motivations for remaining on Tour after his first round exit at the French Open.

The Swede also suggested that Murray was taking wildcards away from younger players, but Evert is not having any of that.

“Andy Murray should retire when he wants to retire, no one should be telling him,” Evert said.

“Any champion who has won Grand Slams, they are entitled to retire on their own terms and no-one should be critical of that.

“I disagree that he is taking wildcards away from people. If you have won Grand Slams, you have earned the right to take wildcards.

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“Andy Murray is a smart guy. He is no going to go three years taking wildcards if he is not winning matches.

COMMENT: Asking Andy Murray to justify his right to play tennis is an exercise in the ridiculous

"He will know if his game isn’t improving and he is not getting deep into tournaments, he is going to let go.

“He has won so many tournaments, he has been through so much adversity with his body. He is happy to be on court, happy to be healthy, happy to be around tennis again and it will take time for him.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t helping him or his tennis as he needs matches.

"Also, clay is not his best surface and unfortunately, he had to play Stan Wawrinka, who totally overpowered him, but he is the one who decides when he wants to stop playing.”

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