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'Andy Murray is still capable of playing great tennis,' says former world number four

Andy Murray serve US Open

Andy Murray is still able to return to his former self in 2020 sys Tim Henman, as long as he is able to find consistency in his routine. 

Murray has often looked a shadow of his former self this year despite finishing 2019 lifting a singles title in Antwerp.

However, Tim Henman believes the biggest issue he faces is time - specifically being able to spend enough of it on a tennis court.

“He has had an incredibly difficult last three years, trying to fight his way back from his hip injury,” Henman told the PA.

“There are signs that he is making improvements and then he has another little setback.

"He will be desperately keen to get back to playing but he has just got to build up his strength and stamina and hopefully competing on a consistent basis.

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“The tennis level is there, it is just whether his body can maintain. We saw him beat [Alexander] Zverev, who went on to get to the US Open final so Andy is still capable of playing great tennis, but that is not his challenge.

“It is the challenge of being able to put in the work on the practice court and being able to play these tough matches and recover to be ready.

“I was speaking to his coach Jamie Delgado and he mentioned his discipline and hunger and desire is amazing because these elements of the rehab are not the enjoyable bits.

“The enjoyable bits are being out on court and playing tennis and competing in the biggest tournaments.

"He still wants to keep working and hopefully things will be a bit smoother in 2021.”

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