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Andy Murray 'still has a lot of great tennis in him' says brother Jamie

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Andy Murray can still compete against the best says brother Jamie, as he hopes to get an injury-free run in the 2021 season.

Jamie Murray, who is a seven-times Grand Slam Doubles Champion, has been talking about brother Andy's current form and how he is in a good place for the year ahead.

Andy Murray made a well-documented comeback to tennis following major hip surgery which many believed would end his career.

But Murray silenced his critics on his return to court winning the Doubles Title at Queens followed by the Singles Title at the European Open before the COVID crisis and further injury disrupted his progress again.

The British Grand Slam champion had hoped to start 2021 with a return to the Australian Open, but his run of bad luck continued when he tested positive for COVID just days before departure.

Now Jamie, who has been talking to the bunkered podcast, believes if Andy can get a good run, playing regular tournaments, his tennis ability will shine through.

“He’s done incredibly well to get to this point where he feels like he’s in a position now to go out and compete against the best players in the world” said Jamie.

“It’s obviously been incredibly frustrating for him because he’s had a lot of setbacks along the way – it’s been very stop-start.

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“Even 2020, when he was just getting back to fitness and was just about ready to go compete in Miami, Covid hit and the tour shut down.

“That was another five or six-month break. So it’s been difficult for him but I think he’s in a good place just now.

“That’s just the vibes I get from seeing him training and some of the matches we had in December.”

“I think this is obviously a huge year for him,” added Jamie.

“If he can stay fit, healthy, play a full calendar year and see where he’s at, what his level’s at, what he’s able to do week in, week out on the tour.

“He’s not had a clear run at it for two or three years, maybe even longer.

“He’s still got a lot of great tennis in him. His tennis ability hasn’t diminished in any way. It’s just obviously whether his body can cope with the demands of the tour.”

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