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Andy Murray vows to donate all of his Wimbledon prize money to Ukraine victims

Andy Murray has been the voice of reason and morality in tennis for some time now, and he has done it again with his latest gesture.
Andy Murray fistpump US Open

Andy Murray says he will donate every penny of his Wimbledon prize money to help the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine has been suffering this year due to an invasion by Russia, who have levelled cities and committed human rights atrocities against its people.

Like the rest of us, Murray has been moved to action by what he has seen and he has vowed to make sure his Wimbledon prize money this year all goes to UNICEF to provide relief to those affected.

"There are families and children trying to leave the country," Murray said. "There are also families whose homes are getting destroyed.

"For me, education was quite an important thing to try and help kids who are in tough situations.

"What the money is going towards is changing on a weekly basis almost. I felt it was a good thing to do.

"It gives me a little bit of extra motivation to try and perform well and win matches. That’s why I decided to do it."

Andy Murray has had his problems with the media before and just last week urged them to be kinder to Emma Raducanu.

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However, he says he credits their coverage of the conflict in Ukraine for helping him come to the decision to help.

"I know at times the media get a rough ride from the public," he explained.

"But in this instance, the reporting and everything that I’d seen, it was incredible the job that they were doing.

"It makes you feel like you want to do something or do something to help, and that felt like the best thing that I could do. So that was why I did it."

There will be a record £40.35million ($49.55 million) on offer to players at Wimbledon this summer, a 15% increase on last year's total.

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