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Andy Murray: 'I can still compete with the best players in the world with one hip, so why should I stop?'

Andy Murray fistpump

Andy Murray fired back at his critics in Rotterdam, saying he can still 'compete with the best players' even with one hip.

Murray started the season poorly in Montpellier, losing to Egor Gerasimov in the opening round. He has backed that up with a good win over Robin Haase in Rotterdam this week.

He will face a much greater test next as he takes on world number eight Andrey Rublev on Wednesday, but he has a message of defiance for those saying he should be considering retirement instead.

"Why should I stop because I lost a match last week against someone [Egor Gerasimov] that people would expect me to win against?” Murray asked.

"The guy is a good player. He pushed David Goffin, who ended up winning a tournament, really close.

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"Everyone out there can play. I'm not on the top of my game just now - and when I get there I believe I'll win matches more competitively - but why should I stop?

“Tell me a good reason for why I should stop playing.

“I can still compete with the best players in the world with one hip. I think that's quite amusing really.”

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