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Andy Murray: 'Some will think I'm delusional, but I genuinely believe I can win Wimbledon again'

Andy Murray Wimbledon

Andy Murray says he genuinely believes he can win Wimbledon again, and he doesn't care if people think it's 'delusional'.

Murray underwent major surgery in 2019 which has resulted in him trying to continue his career with a metal hip.

So far, his comeback has been full of frustration, as a niggling groin injury among other things has prevented him from playing regular tennis.

However, he is feeling fitter than he has in years right now, and he says his belief is starting to return too.

“I want to be on the courts at Wimbledon and feeling like I have a chance of winning the event," Andy Murray told Amazon Prime.

"I’m aware that that would be extremely tough, but I do genuinely believe it’s possible.

“I need weeks and months of training and practising and matches and good health. But I do feel like it’s possible.

“I’m sure some people will think I’m delusional and that my best days are behind me and everything – which may be the case - but I still feel I can compete with the best players in the biggest tournaments.”

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Murray suffered a setback at the start of the year after as he tested positive for COVID, preventing him from playing in the Australian Open.

That came after a sustained and intense training programme, and he says he was feeling good about his chances in Melbourne.

“I know that I’m still capable of playing at the highest level,” Murray said.

“Before Australia I was chatting to my team about the Aussie Open. I was like: ‘I really feel like I can still go deep in that tournament’.

“I was starting to believe it, visualise it and stuff – which hadn’t been the case last year or anything.

“So, my expectation is to go and do well in these events. Winning it right now is probably a bit ambitious, but I do feel like I can compete with the top, top players in the world.

“Then hopefully in a few months time if I’m able to remain on the court and healthy, with more matches and stuff, it’ll start to happen more regularly."

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