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'Not many players know how to play well on grass,' says Andy Murray

Andy Murray practice

Andy Murray says 'not many' players know how to play grass court tennis well due to how little it is trained upon.

Murray would consider himself a grass court specialist and has backed that up with multiple titles at both Wimbledon and Queen's.

With the shortened grass court season now in full swing, there have been surprise defeats for the likes of Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner this week, and Murray says they shouldn't really be a surprise at all.

“I think grass is probably the surface that, of all the players – not that many of them play well on it,” Andy Murray told Amazon. "I think because no one trains on it growing up.

“They have some grass courts in the [United] States, but most of them are in the UK. There is a few of them dotted around elsewhere.

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“I don’t know exactly what it is, but the transition going on to grass courts – I’ve always felt is very natural for me. The surface, I think because the way I hit the ball.

“I don’t play with that much spin, and when you play on grass – flatter shots tend to be a little bit more effective. Whereas when I go onto clay courts, that takes me quite a long time to adjust.

“I need to practise for a good three or four weeks [on clay]. When I got on the grass courts for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I adjusted very quickly. It just suits my game.”

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