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'I haven't been working as hard as what I need to,' admits a determined Andy Murray

Andy Murray backhand

Andy Murray has vowed to 'do everything he did when he was world number one' after admitting his standards had dropped lately. 

Murray was on top of the tennis world in 2016, but was then struck by a hip injury that has seen his career cruelly stopped in its tracks.

After major surgery, though, he is back and fighting to salvage whatever he can of his former quality, although he says he has realised he has not been working hard enough to do it.

“There has definitely been times over the last few years where I lost that [drive and motivation], because of the injuries and stuff like that,” Murray candidly told Daniela Hantuchova in an interview for Roland Garros.

“And I hadn’t been working as hard as what I needed to. I think as you get older obviously there are certain things you can do differently, but you almost need to work harder to stay in shape, spend more time with your physio and afterwards to feel good.

“I think just in the last sort of two to three months I actually got on that machine that measures your body fat and it wasn’t good.

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“It wasn’t good in comparison to what I’d done when I was younger. It was something as simple as that where I was like ‘come on Andy, you just need to get back…’

"I’d been working fairly hard, but I could have done much better. I could have been eating healthier and sleeping better. I was like ‘come on’.

“I may never get back to being No 1 in the world, but I want to do everything that I did when I was No 1 in the world to give myself the best chance to see what I can achieve.

"I was incredibly professional, I worked hard, I ate properly, slept well. That’s kind of what started the latest kind of mentality.

"Something as small as that, I know I am not very overweight or anything, but I was like ‘No, you should be in better shape’.”

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