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'Andy Murray was worried' - Nick Kyrgios mother' reveals how Brit helped save her son from self-harming

Andy Murray - is there anything he can't do? Nick Kyrgios' mother has revealed he had a role in saving her son from self-harming.
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Nick Kyrgios’ mother has revealed that Andy Murray was one of those who reached out to the Australian to help save him from self-harm.

Murray and Kyrgios have had a close relationship for a number of years now with the Scotsman staying by his side throughout his struggles with mental health.

In an interview with Nine News, Nill Kyrgios recalled one period of time when her son was particularly low and self-harming, and how Andy Murray and then-manager John Morris intervened.

“The self-harming... I saw that and people told me that,” Nill Kyrgios said.

“I asked him about it and he didn’t want to talk about it at that time. John spoke to me that Andy is worried about Nick because he can see some evidence of self-harm.

“And I blame others for that. For just pressuring him, criticising him. Even people we thought might be supporting him.

Nick Kyrgios appears to have come through that tough period now, and his tennis is in a better place than ever as a result.

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He reached the final of Wimbledon this year and although he lost to Novak Djokovic he still gave a fine account of himself.

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His mother, meanwhile, is just happy he now seems to be in a better place, mentally.

“That period was very hard,” she said. I just wanted to be next to him constantly so that I could see him. If I could see him I know he’s OK. And if I can’t see him I worry about him so much that it becomes very difficult.

“I am happy. I am super proud that he made it through everything. I’m happy that he’s come out well the other end. You just don’t know what pressure does to people. It’s worrying for a parent.”

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