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'The ATP is a broken system plagued by conflict and lack of transparency,' says John Isner

John Isner - unhappy with ATP Tour leadership

John Isner has called for a review of how the ATP Tour is run after describing the distribution of wealth as 'broken.'

Tennis has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, meaning players have had to take a large drop in prize money as a result of lost ticket sales revenue.

The Miami Open, for example, has cut its prize money from $16.7m to $6.68, with the singles winners set to receive £300,000 - a drop of more than $1million (80%) on the 2019 tournament.

Isner, though, has asked why it is players, and not executives, who are taking the financial hit, and called for much greater transparency within the game.

"ATP is a broken system," Isner wrote on Twitter.

"Players and tournaments as ‘partners’ need to work together, but 60% cut and 80% champions cut in one of our biggest events that has TV, Data, sponsorship, and newly approved gambling revenue intact, isn’t a partnership at all.

"How about a true audit to see much how tourneys are actually hurting and then a money formula after the event to reconcile.

"Amazing we still don’t have this in a lot of our big events. How does that make any sense?

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"Tennis is run like an intramural sport. Check NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA etc etc.

"Not comparing revenue/popularity to those sports but take a peak at their structure, talent representation, and percentage of revenue models.

"Tennis is plagued by conflict and lack of transparency.

"Promoters own assets that appreciate and have infinite time to monetize that asset, whereas the players have a short amount of time to maximize our talents. That’s a broken system.

"So players should take a 60% cut and 80% champions cut while ATP executives keep full salaries, benefits and expense accounts? Make that make sense.

"Seems just a little bit hypocritical, don’t ya think?"

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