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Potential ATP and WTA merger has 'not been discussed' says players council chief Kevin Anderson

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Kevin Anderson says there has not been any progress on Roger Federer's suggestion that the ATP and WTA merge into one single governing body. 

Federer made the suggestion last year and there appeared to be an overwhelmingly good reception to the proposal among the tennis community.

However, everything has gone very quiet since, and ATP Players Council chairman Anderson says there have been no talks at all that he is aware of.

“There’s been no real discussions on that," Anderson told Tennis Majors when asked about the possibility of an ATP/WTA merger.

"I don’t really have too much to discuss on that because it’s not been something that’s really been on the table.

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“I mean, other than just a sort of vague notion, there would be a lot of details that everyone would have to work out. Obviously the sport is strongest when everybody works together.

“I can’t really comment on what it looks like from a logistical and a business standpoint. I know that part of (ATP) management’s new plan is to work together with these separate entities.

"From an ATP perspective, obviously, the WTA is a huge partner. So, that’s something that really needs to be looked at carefully.

“I don’t know if that (merger talk) was something that some players wanted to chat (about) but maybe the pandemic side-tracked people. As of now, that’s not a conversation we’ve had internally with ATP or any conversations with the WTA either."

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