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'Australian Open in great shape' with every top player already signed up, says Craig Tiley

Australian Open Grand Slam general

The Australian Open is looking in 'great shape' for 2021 with every major player in the world already signing up to play, says Craig Tiley. 

Due to the length of time players will be required to spend in Australia, they need to submit visa paperwork should they want to play, and Tiley says that has now been received.

It confirms Roger Federer's intention to return to at the Australian Open after injury, as well as Serena Williams who has been incredibly cautious with her approach to the coronavirus crisis.

“Everyone had to complete a travel commitment form and that is a precursor to getting visas, which are now being processed by the immigration department,” Tiley told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“All of the top 100 men and women have completed that. Everyone has indicated a desire to travel.

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"If we announce tomorrow that they have to quarantine for 28 days or that they have to sit in a hotel room for 14 days, that will change.

“The current presentation we made to the players has been very positive in the sense they have all signed up.

"Federer and Nadal are on 20 Grand Slams each, you have Serena wanting to break Margaret Court’s record and you have Ash [Barty] trying to keep her No 1 ranking.

"As far as player participation is concerned, we are in great shape.”

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