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Australian Open director sides with Novak Djokovic in ATP dispute: 'Players must be entitled to choose'

Novak Djokovic ATP Finals

Australian Open director Paul McNamee has sided with Novak Djokovic over the PTPA's exclusion from the ATP Players Council.

Djokovic, along with Vasek Pospisil, resigned from the Players Council in August to form the new breakaway group.

The intention behind it was to give representation to players unhappy with the ATP, but it was meant with suspicion from those within the governing body.

This month Djokovic and Pospisil were nominated to re-join the Players Council, only for them to quickly pass a new rule preventing them from doing so.

And that, according to McNamee, goes against their own remit.

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"In my opinion, players must be entitled to choose their representatives," McNamee wrote on Twitter.

"This was a foundation principle when ATP was formed as a true player association - no longer.”

“The ATP bylaw change is worded to prohibit belonging to contrary associations or organisations so hard to pin down the businessmen, but puts hundreds of players ‘out of bounds’ for representation in their own Tour. I mean, really?”

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