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Australia’s treatment of Novak Djokovic earlier this year has been described as ‘the shame of all shames’ by the player’s father.

Djokovic, who is not vaccinated against Covid-19, travelled to Australia in January after being granted a medical exemption, although he was detained at the border when attempting to enter the country.

He was later deported following a week of detention and court appeals, which comes with an automatic three-year ineligibility for a visa. He is still waiting to hear if the new government in Australia will waive that to allow him to play the tournament in 2023, but his outspoken father is still not ready to forgive the way he son was treated.

“Novak is full of desire and enthusiasm to continue where he left off, not by his own will, but by the will of the people who gave him the right to decide where he will play. The same as he was when they expelled him,” Srdjan told K1 TV.

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Despite Djokovic’s obvious desire to play the Australian Open in January, his father doubled down on his criticism on the government for their treatment of the 21-time major winner this year.

“I have to choose my words,” he said. “I didn't choose them when they kept my child in prison which is the shame of all shames.

“They wanted to break him and destroy him, to show through him that they can do whatever they want. While he was flying on a plane between Dubai and Melbourne they changed the law. Australia was responsible. The situation is the same now. I don't know if it will change.”

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