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'We do not approve of their behaviour' - Babalot give public dressing down to hot-headed duo

Fabio Fognini - Babolat dressing down

Babolat have told hot-headed duo Fabio Fognini and Benoit Paire to improve their conduct, saying they 'do not approve of their behaviour.'

Both Paire and Fognini have been at the centre of recent controversy in tennis, with the Frenchman particularly problematic on the ATP Tour.

Paire deliberately tanked in Argentina earlier this season before openly declaring his intention to lose in the first round of tournaments so he could leave the bio-secure bubbles as quickly as possible.

That has led to the French Tennis Federation banning him this week from representing them at the Olympics this summer, describing his behaviour as 'deeply inappropriate.'

Fognini, meanwhile, has been even more antagonistic than usual in the last year with a string of controversial incidents.

He was heard saying on court at the US Open that he 'hoped someone drops a bomb on this place,' and he told compatriot Salvatore Caruso he was 'lucky' after their match at the Australian Open, which subsequently led to a heated on-court argument.

This week, things came to head even more for Fognini, when he was defaulted from Barcelona for verbally abusing an official, despite claiming he did did nothing wrong.

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However, the pair's actions have caught they attention of racket provider Babloat, who have given them a public telling off.

“At Babolat, tennis runs in our blood. We believe in the strength of our sport and, defend its values of respect, fair play, team spirit, friendship and fun of the game," a statement read..

"Sometimes a family member can go through a complex period and forget the importance of these values and the example we must pass on to all fans of the sport.

“Concerned about the recent outbursts of Benoit Paire and Fabio Fognini, we have informed them that we do not approve of their behaviour.

"Today, we reaffirmed our values and the importance of respecting them.

"We will think in more detail with Benoit and Fabio about the suites to be given and see together how to accompany them."

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