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'I don't see why I should be suspended,' says a defiant Benoit Paire

Benoit Paire - great guy, says Rafael Nadal

Benoit Paire says he cannot understand why people are calling for him to be suspended by the ATP over his recent behaviour.

The Frenchman has been deliberately losing in the first round of tournaments, saying the reduced prize money does not motivate him to go any further.

He even celebrated on court after losing to Lorenzo Musetti in Miami this week.

His attitude has drawn strong criticism from the likes of Toni Nadal and Marion Bartoli, but he says he believes he is doing nothing wrong.

After his latest first round loss, Paire said: “Why do they want me to be suspended?

"I do my maximum, sometimes my maximum is not very high. I do not see why I would have a suspension.

“I manage my life the way I want to. You are really wrong to worry.

"I’m going to go home, see my family and friends, take my dog for a walk. And I’m not going to watch a tennis match, I’m not interested.”

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Paire has been nothing if not true to his words, with him openly confessing after the Mexican Open that he is deliberately losing.

“I lost in the first round, it’s better," Paire said after his Acapulco loss. "I will be able to get out of the bubble quickly.

“Tennis is not my priority for the moment. Getting out of the bubble is the only goal I have at every tournament.

“I come [to tournaments], I make some money, then I go to the next tournament: I do my job.

“If you win an ATP 250, you only get $30,000. I took a check of $10,000 each time by directly losing [in the first round.]

“Why tear yourself away like a crazy person to earn just a little more?”

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