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'It is better for training' - Novak Djokovic takes positives from lack of fans in Monte-Carlo

Novak Djokovic smiling

Novak Djokovic says the lack of crowds at the Monte-Carlo Masters can be a positive for the players in terms of practice.

Monte-Carlo was one of the events that had to be cancelled completely last year.

This year they have opted to go ahead without any fans in the stadium - a sight that has become all-too familiar in tennis over the last year.

However, Djokovic is determined to pick the positives out of it, and he says the lack of spectator facilities has allowed organisers to improve the practice experience for players.

"It will certainly be different, it will not be the way it is when the audience is present," Djokovic told the Serbian press.

"[But] it is better for training because there are no fans, there are only people from sponsoring companies.

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"Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to provide courts for all players and then practice for an hour here, an hour there at the very beginning of the tournament when there are many players.

"Now I notice that most players train one on one without the need to share the court. That may be a positive thing.

"You play matches where you usually train, meet people and spend time outside.

"Now we have time to look at the trainings of other players, for which we are grateful because we are in safe conditions due to all restrictions and it's nice to catch some fresh air."

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