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'We regret this decision' - Boris Becker quits position with German Tennis Association

Boris Becker at Davis Cup

Boris Becker has quit his role as head of men's tennis at the German Tennis Association, citing a lack of time as the reason. 

Becker has been embroiled in court proceedings over his recent bankruptcy as he fights to keep hold of the trophies he won as a player.

He is also a respected TV pundit with Eurosport and the BBC, and those time commitments have led him to conclude he is no longer able to help the DTB.

“Working for the DTB has given me great pleasure over the past three and a half years. Unfortunately, I currently don't have the time to continue doing this extensive task.

"It was a pleasure for me to visit all federal training centres and to deal intensively with the national coaches, but above all with the children and young people.

"It was a great honour for me to lead German tennis in the men's and junior division together with Michael Kohlmann and I am convinced that he will continue to do this great job on his own.

"I will remain on friendly terms with the DTB and can imagine, if my time allows, to take on an even bigger task at the DTB if the opportunity arises. "

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DTB President Ulrich Klaus put his thanks on record for Becker, and says he hopes he will return to work with them in some capacity in the future.

“Boris Becker also made an outstanding contribution to the German Tennis Association in this role. We are extremely grateful to him that he was available to us with this voluntary commitment.

"We hope and would be very happy if there is another opportunity in the future to involve Boris Becker in the association. "

DTB Sports Director Klaus Eberhard, meanwhile, added: “Of course we regret this decision, but we also fully understand it.

"With his great expertise and personality, Boris has set a lot of impulses at all levels in competitive sports. It is always very inspiring and beneficial to exchange ideas with him. "

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