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Cameron Norrie admits he has 'a lot to learn' following Wimbledon lesson by Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic put on a Wimbledon masterclass in the semi-final, with Cameron Norrie admitting it made him realise just how much he still has to learn.
Cameron Norrie leaves Wimbledon

Cameron Norrie declared himself 'proud' of his run to the Wimbledon semi-finals, although he says it has just shown him how much he still has to learn.

Norrie came into the the tournament as the ninth seed and with little fanfare, despite being the British number one.

However, he managed to produce his finest Grand Slam performance of his career until Novak Djokovic stopped him in the semi-finals.

“There is a lot that I have to be proud of," Norrie said. "I came here top-seeded, a lot of expectations from the whole country, from myself.

"Winning games where you are the favourite is not easy. Everything has happened very fast, I will have time to reflect on all this.

"I have a lot to learn. I have been improving little by little. You have to be patient with yourself.”

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If Cameron Norrie wants to learn, he could not have a better teacher than Novak Djokovic about what it takes to reach the top in tennis.

Djokovic started slowly in the semi-final, but as soon as he found his rhythm he was playing no-miss tennis, especially at the crunch moments in the match.

"It's been a good experience playing against him, especially at the level he has here at Wimbledon," Norrie admitted.

"It gives me a lot of confidence. I need to keep working hard, I still have aspects of my game to improve. I want to go further and try to win a Slam.”

Before Wimbledon this year, Cameron Norrie had a very modest Grand Slam record. The furthest he had been at a major was the third round, with him falling at that hurdle five times before.

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