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Carlos Alcaraz expecting a 'tough' first week at Wimbledon, but he won't write off his chances

Carlos Alcaraz says he won't be writing off his chances of winning Wimbledon, but he expects a very 'tough' first week while he finds his feet on grass.
Carlos Alcaraz practicing for Wimbledon

Carlos Alcaraz has admitted he is envisaging a 'tough week' for himself at Wimbledon, but he is hopeful he can win the tournament if he can get through it.

Alcaraz is having a genuine breakthrough season on the ATP Tour, with him already winning four titles including two Masters, despite only recently turning 19-years-old.

He doesn't consider himself a favourite for Wimbledon, but that doesn't mean he's writing himself off either.

"I already say that I couldn't prepare well for Wimbledon this year, but I always come to every tournament thinking that I can achieve good results or even win the tournament," Alcaraz told reporters.

"I always say it's not easy to play on grass, and I didn't get to play a tournament before Wimbledon, so this week is going to be tough for me, but I'm preparing myself."

Playing on grass always tends to present challenges for young players especially, mainly due to the comparatively few tournaments that are played in the surface.

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That situation is even further complicated at the moment with Covid having a huge impact on the grass schedule over the last two seasons.

Carlos Alcaraz has been caught up in that to a degree, and he admits he sees plenty of challenges to overcome.

“The most difficult thing I would say to move. For me, moving well on grass is the most difficult thing.

"Well I would say playing aggressive, trying to go to the net, this is the best part of translating my game from another surface to this one.

"I would say I have a game that is going to adapt well on grass, trying to go to the net, playing aggressive. I think I am capable of playing well on grass,” he said.

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