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At just nineteen years of age, Carlos Alcaraz made history on Sunday night when he bagged his first Grand Slam and subsequently became the youngest world number one in the history of the ATP rankings.

However, it seems that Alcaraz is only just getting started. During the press conference that followed the final, Alcaraz was asked whether he was hungry for more or too tired to begin thinking about the next Grand Slam.

‘’Right now, I am enjoying the moment. I am enjoying having the trophy in my hands,’’ Alcaraz said. ‘’But of course, I am hungry for more. I want to be in the top for many weeks, many months, many years, you know.’’

Alcaraz’s rise to the top of tennis has been met with perhaps the most excitement since that of the Big Three, and there has been much speculation over whether he will be chasing down the record number of Grand Slams currently held by fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal, who has a staggering 22.

‘’I'll always be proud when Rafa wins Grand Slams and obviously if I lose at a Grand Slam, I’ll always be supporting a Spaniard.’’ He said. ‘’I’ve won one, I don’t feel closer, I’ve got 21 to go. For now, I’m going to think about trying to get the second, which very few people have managed. That’s my goal.’’

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Carlos Alcaraz with US Open title after historic final win

Very few, indeed. In fact, only two men have managed to bag more than one Grand Slam during the domination of the Big Three: Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka.

‘’ I don’t want to compare myself to them,’’ Alcaraz said on Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. ‘’But I want to be like them.’’

‘’It's incredible to be the youngest number one ever, but it's much tougher what the Big Three did: stay on top for 20 years. That's what I'm looking for.’’

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