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Casper Ruud admits he is ‘disappointed’ over his US Open final defeat to Carlos Alcaraz but he is happy overall with his new ranking.

Casper Ruud lost his second grand slam final of the year on Sunday to new tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz, who bagged his maiden grand slam title.

It’s nonetheless been an incredible season for the new world number two in men’s tennis, and it’s nice to see that Casper Ruud isn’t beating himself up too badly about his loss in the final of the US Open on Sunday.

‘’It’s fun that both finalists will be number two and number one in the world,’’ Ruud said. ‘’ I think it’s fitting.’’

‘’I’m disappointed of course, that I’m not number one, but number two isn’t too bad either so I’m happy with that number and I will continue to chase for my first grand slam and the number one ranking.”

The 23-year-old Norwegian certainly has a lot to be proud of after securing three career titles this year along with making it to the final of two grand slams. A new career high of world number two means Ruud has jumped up six places since being ranked eighth in January.

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Carlos Alcaraz and Casper Ruud after US Open final

With having such a great run at the US Open now under his belt, as well as his French Open final defeat against Rafael Nadal, Casper Ruud has surely shrugged off any speculation that he is solely a clay court specialist.

Looking to the future, Ruud acknowledged he now has more confidence in himself and his ability to win a grand slam.

‘’At Roland Garros it was hard for me to believe I could beat Rafa,’’ Ruud said after the match on Sunday.

‘’Today was not easier but I believe it more and I think these two tournaments have made my self-belief to win a grand slam grow, and hopefully these two experiences can help me.’’

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