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QUIZ: Can you name every Wimbledon runner-up in the men’s singles?

Who's for a weekend Wimbledon quiz?! The average score on this is a pretty dismal 50%, and we know TennisBuzz readers are way better than that...

QUIZ: Can you name every player that Andy Murray has beaten in a final?

How well do you know your Andy Murray history? The average score on this one is an impressive 84%...

QUIZ: Can you name every male winner of Roland Garros?

Although a certain Spanish player makes it look otherwise, Roland Garros may just be the toughest Grand Slam to win in tennis.The conditions can...

QUIZ: Can you pick the players who have spent at least a year at world number one?

If you are a keen follower of tennis records, then you know we are approaching a very significant moment for the world number one. Novak...

QUIZ: Can you name every player to play in the 2020 ATP Cup?

The 2021 edition of the ATP Cup is about to hit our screens and what a welcome return it will be after two long...

QUIZ: Can you name every year-end world number one since 1975?

Grand Slam titles are all well and good, but within tennis itself the year-end number one is perhaps the most coveted honour of them all. 

QUIZ: Can you name every player Roger Federer has defeated in a Grand Slam final?

Roger Federer is no stranger to Grand Slam finals as we know. In fact, no one has won more. In total he has played 31...

QUIZ: Can you name every single winner of the Australian Open?

The Australian Open is arguably tennis' toughest Grand Slam to win for a variety of reasons. The intense heat of the Australian summer in Melbourne...
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