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Damir Dzumhur takes aim at tennis media: 'They are expected to convey information correctly and objectively'

Damir Dzumhur forehand Australian Open

Damir Dzumhur has accused the tennis media - and the officials at the Mexican Open - of a serious lack of objectivity. 

The Bosnian was reportedly disqualified from his Mexican Open qualifier against Botic Van de Zandschulp when he clashed with officials over a dispute line-call.

But while the press reported he was ejected from the match after he threatened the match referee, he insists nothing of the sort happened and it was he who walked out on the match in protest.

“Dear media, if you are already broadcasting news, then at least try to make that news accurate. Damir Dzumhur was not disqualified," he said in a statement.

"Damir Dzumhur left the field voluntarily, due to the behaviour and decisions of the chief judge, which were neither objective nor correct.

“Another very important thing that can be read on the portals is that I threatened to kill someone?

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"Are you people aware of what this means and where it comes from? Where does this malice come from to say such things at all?

"The media are expected to convey information correctly, objectively, and accurately, but this time it was not."

Despite his statement, Dzumhur did acknowledge there were at least elements of his on-court behaviour he had not been proud of.

“In the end, I apologize to my family and my loved ones and of course to those who support me for behaving so emotionally and for not showing strength, for showing once again that things like this can affect me to show my worse and weaker side."

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